Exosomes from Gastric Cancer Suppressed Adipo-differentiation of Adipose Mesenchymal Stem Cells to Promote Cancer-associated Cachexia via miR-155/ C/EPBβ pathway [post]

Ying Liu, Dan Lin, Huiya Wang, Haiyang Zhang, Ting Deng, Rui Liu, Tao Ning, Ming Bai, Guoguang Ying, Yi Ba
2020 unpublished
BACKGROUND: Cancer-associated cachexia (CAC) is defined as a multifactorial syndrome including depletion of adipose tissue and skeletal muscle. Adipose tissue wasting, as a key characteristic of CAC, occurs early and is related with poor survival. However, the influence of exosomes on adipo-differentiation in CAC remained be mysterious.METHODS: Oil-red staining, western blotting, and real-time polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) were used to investigate the adipo-differentiation capacity of
more » ... on capacity of A-MSCs from GC patients and healthy donors. Adipo-differentiation capacity of A-MSCs treated with exosomes from GES-1 or GC cell lines was also detected. To further explore the effects of exosomal miR-155 on adipo-differentiation in vitro, we carried out luciferase reporter assay. Finally, to evaluate the function of exosomal miR-155 in vivo, BALB/c mice were subcutaneously transplanted with SGC7901 cells transfected with lentivirus containing a miR-155 overexpressing (miR-155 OE) sequence or miR-155 shRNA (miR-155 KO) or control lentivirus(NC) to observe the change of adipo-differentiation of A-MSCs.RESULTS: We showed that miR-155 was high expressed in adipose mesenchymal stem cells (A-MSCs) isolated from GC patients, which exhibited significantly suppressed adipo-differentiation. Mechanistically, targeting C/EPBβ and suppressing C/EPBα and PPARγ by GC exosomal miR-155 was demonstrated to be involved in impairing the differentiation of A-MSCs into adipocytes. The expression of C/EPBβ C/EPBα and PPARγ were rescued through downregulating miR-155 in GC exosomes. Moreover, overexpression of miR-155 improved cancer cachexia in tumor-implanted mice, charactered by weight loss, tumor progression and low expression of C/EPBβ, C/EPBα, and PPARγ in A-MSCs as well as FABP4 in tumor-related adipose tissue. Decreasing level of miR-155 in implanted tumor blocked the anti-adipogenic effects of GC. CONCLUSION: GC exosomsal miR-155 suppressed adipo-differentiation of A-MSCs via targeting C/EPBβ of A-MSCs plays a crucial role in CAC.
doi:10.21203/rs.3.rs-42455/v1 fatcat:u2njr5xgafglxfpldupifza5pe