The Clothing Microclimates and Subjective Sensation for Casual Hanbok as School Summer Uniform
생활한복형 하절교복의 의복기후와 주관적 감각

Joungja Yoo, Sooae Kweon
2012 Korean Journal of Human Ecology  
This study was investigated the clothing microclimate, subjective sensation for the improvement of traditional koran high school student uniform so called "Saenghwal Hanbok". For the purpose, casual hanbok school summer uniforms were made. They were made of 4 different textiles materials -P/R, P100, P/C, P/R/S for blouses, P/W, P100, P/R, P/W/F for skirts. Then their clothing microclimate, subjective sensation were tested at room temperature 25±1℃ and 50±10% R.H. Clothing Microclimates wearing
more » ... n the blouses were good matched comfort temperature range. Subjective sensations wearing on the blouses were better than those of traditional koran clothes so called "Hanbok" and quite same for western style clothes. Thermal sensations were indicated some hot condition, and moisture sensations were indicated some wet condition but tactile sensations and comfortable sensations were agreeable. The temperatures of the forehead and the breast wearing on the skirts were indicated the same results with the cases of the blouses. Leg temperatures were some lower than the mean skin temperature, the other parts' temperatures were slightly higher than blouses but the mean skin temperatures were satisfied comfortable ranges. Subjective sensations wearing on the skirts were better than those of the other traditional clothes and even Western clothes. Thermal sensations and moisture sensations were resulted the same with the case of blouses. Currently, P/R material and P/W material seemed to be cool and respectively suitable for blouses and skirts in summer among the materials of modernized Korean traditional costumes and school uniforms, since those materials lowered skin temperature. But better, physiologically pleasant materials for summer clothes should be development in consideration of clothing microclimate and subjective sensation.
doi:10.5934/kjhe.2012.21.4.765 fatcat:rvy4avrl3jetbcvu5ewenpbvwq