Fruit Picker

1886 Scientific American  
SEPTErdBER · 25, 1886. 0 IlII PROVED GATE HINGE. . .: �heel carried by a crank.·· This ���nk is �o�nected by I · wIth the pocket secllred to the first bow and wi�h the -This hinge is so arranged as to hold the free end of, means of a pitman with a beam lever; whose ends are fabric tube which extends down the pole. The lower tHe gate , at any desir. elevation to free it from snow, formed with elongated slots, in which rest pins carried end of the tube, which is held to the pole by loops, is t o'
more » ... co mpensate for sagging, and to adjust it so that it by vertical strips sliding in ways formed in the frame. united by snap h60ks and rings with a bag provided, wil f close"bi its own gravity. 'fhe lower hinge con-The upper ends of the dasher rods fit within sockets with a shoulder strap for supporting it. In using this ststs of an eye formed on a strap, which embraces both carried by the vertical strips. The weight of the dash-picker, which is the invention of Mr. Washington B.' sides of the stile of the gate, the eye receiving a pintle' ers and their rods is supported by loops that project Mayfield. of South West City, Mo .. the bow is placed, attil.ched to the post. The upper hinge consists of a inward from the lower ends of the strips, the rods be-under th e frui t , which i s loosened by means of the pins ing made with holei through which pins are passed.
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican09251886-194d fatcat:ztdunynl6fhzpdsn453gh4iqge