Supplementary material to "Ozonolysis of surface adsorbed methoxyphenols: kinetics of aromatic ring cleavage vs. alkene side-chain oxidation" [post]

E. M. O'Neill, A. Z. Kawam, D. A. Van Ry, R. Z. Hinrichs
2013 unpublished
Figure SI-1. 1 H-NMR (200 MHz, d 6 -acetone, Me 4 Si) of 4-propylguaiacol (red), extracted reaction products for NaCl-adsorbed 4-propylguaiacol exposed to 1 ppm O 3 for 120 hours (black), and predicted spectrum for ring-cleaved product (blue) generated using ChemBioDraw Ultra, Version 11.0, 2007. Many unreacted 4-propylguaiacol features appear in black reacted spectrum, while the additional features are in good agreement with predicted spectrum. Observed chemical shifts for ring-cleaved product
more » ... are denoted in blue on structure shown at top right. Ring-cleaved product carboxylic acid peak not identified (predicted δ H 11.0, confidence "rough").
doi:10.5194/acpd-13-19971-2013-supplement fatcat:xsyegokwyrhq3knfafvnkcypku