Neutron total cross sections on nuclei at Fermilab energies

P.V.R. Murthy, C.A. Ayre, H.R. Gustafson, L.W. Jones, M.J. Longo
1975 Nuclear Physics B  
We have measured total cross sections for neutrons on protons, deuterium, beryllium, carbon, aluminum, iron, copper, cadmium, tungsten, lead, and uranium for momenta between 30 and 300 GeV/c. The measurements were carried out in a small-angle neutral beam at Fermilab. Typical accuracy of the data is 0.5 to 1%. The cross sections are consistent with an A 0"77+0"01 dependence over the entire momentum range. The cross sections are compared with theoretical predictions. Agreement is found only if
more » ... is found only if inelastic screening is included. Nuclear radii obtained from our data are in good agreement with previous determinations.
doi:10.1016/0550-3213(75)90182-0 fatcat:gvoulg4m4jdpliuq5onn6pg3c4