Imagine a Global Human Community

Morton Deutsch, Remembering
1920 unpublished
Are you willing to be a member of such a global human community? If "yes," please make the following pledge: "I pledge to promote these rights and responsibilities in my own life, in my community, and in the global community as best I can through constructive nonviolent personal actions and working together with others. I also pledge to seek a constructive resolution of conflict about implementation of the foregoing values, when it arises, by working cooperatively to resolve the conflict with
more » ... the conflict with those who I am in conflict with." Now think of an action that you can take by yourself or with others, to implement the pledge and commit yourself to take this action. When you have taken the action let others know that you have done this by using social media or other means, so that you can inspire others to do so also. Imagine a global human community... in which you, your children, and grandchildren, as well as all the others in our shared planet and their children and grandchildren: ✦ Are able to live in dignity and are treated fairly. ✦ Have freedom from the fear of violence and war and can live in peace. ✦ Have freedom from want so that you do not ever have to live in circumstances so impoverished that you and your loved ones cannot have adequate care, food, water, shelter, health services, education, and other necessities for physical and emotional well-being, as well as a dignified life. ✦ Have freedom of information, publication, speech, beliefs, and assembly so that you can be free to be different and free to express open criticism of those in authority individually or collectively. ✦ Have the responsibility to promote, protect, and defend such freedoms as those described above for yourself as well as for others when they are denied or under threat. ✦ Will work together cooperatively to make the world their grandchildren will inherit free of such problems as climate change, war, injustice, and economic disruption.