Gas flow and dark matter in the inner parts of early-type barred galaxies

I. Pérez, R. Fux, K. Freeman
2004 Astronomy and Astrophysics  
This paper presents the dynamical simulations run in the potential derived from the light distribution of 5 late-type barred spiral galaxies. The aim is to determine whether the mass distribution together with the hydrodynamical simulations can reproduce the observed line-of-sight velocity curves and the gas morphology in the inner regions of the sample barred galaxies. The light distribution is obtained from the H-band and the I-band combined together. The M/L is determined using population
more » ... thesis models. The observations and the methodology of the mass distribution modelling are presented in a companion paper. The SPH models using the stellar mass models obtained directly from the H-band light distributions give a good representation of the gas distribution and dynamics of the modelled galaxies, supporting the maximum disk assumption. This result indicates that the gravitational field in the inner region is mostly provided by the stellar luminous component. When 40 is transferred to an axisymmetric dark halo, the modelled kinematics clearly depart from the observed kinematics, whereas the departures are negligible for dark mass halos of 5 for the contribution of the luminous component of about 80 agreement with the maximum disk definition of the stellar mass contribution to the rotation curve (about 85
doi:10.1051/0004-6361:20040333 fatcat:bqjebdf3ufbixoyirikzukpzvq