A new CO2-resistant Ruddlesden–Popper oxide with superior oxygen transport: A-site deficient (Pr0.9La0.1)1.9(Ni0.74Cu0.21Ga0.05)O4+δ

Jian Xue, Qing Liao, Wei Chen, Henny J. M. Bouwmeester, Haihui Wang, Armin Feldhoff
2015 Journal of Materials Chemistry A  
A-site deficient (Pr0.9La0.1)1.9Ni0.74Cu0.21Ga0.05O4+δ ((PL)1.9NCG), with the K2NiF4 structure, is found to exhibit higher oxygen transport rates compared with its cation-stoichiometric parent phase.
doi:10.1039/c5ta02514a fatcat:vdntdp7ccfgyjkrw4kznnhqziy