józef baniak Globalne deklaracje wiary, praktyk religijnych i niewiary młodzieży polskiej. Studium socjologiczne na przykładzie badań w Kaliszu i w Poznaniu

Uniwersytet Adama Mickiewicza, Poznaniu Socjologii
2013 Czasopismo Internetowe Nr   unpublished
This article reports on the global attitudes of high school students investigated in Kalisz and university students in Poznań towards religious beliefs and compulsory religious practices. The results show that there is still a large percentage of students (over 60 percent) who continue the religious traditions of their parents, transferred in the process of religious education. On the other hand, the belief and religious practices of a significant percentage of the respondents (over 25 percent)
more » ... s (over 25 percent) are weakening and disappearing-these respondents are rebelling against religious dogmas and become religiously indifferent or atheistic, no longer carrying out religious practices and not maintaining relationships with their own parish and clergy. The percentage of the Polish Youth not believing in God and rejecting religious practices is constantly increasing.