Efficient data compression methods for multidimensional sparse array operations based on the ekmr scheme

Chun-Yuan Lin, Yeh-Ching Chung, Jen-Shiuh Liu
2003 IEEE transactions on computers  
For sparse array operations, in general, the sparse arrays are compressed by some data compression schemes in order to obtain better performance. The Compressed Row/Column Storage (CRS/CCS) schemes are the two common used data compression schemes for sparse arrays in the traditional matrix representation (TMR). When extended to higher dimensional sparse arrays, array operations used the CRS/CCS schemes usually do not perform well. In this paper, we propose two data compression schemes, extended
more » ... n schemes, extended Karnaugh map representation-Compressed Row/Column Storage (ECRS/ ECCS) for multi-dimensional sparse arrays based on the EKMR scheme. To evaluate the proposed schemes, both theoretical analysis and experimental test are conducted. In theoretical analysis, we analyze CRS/CCS and ECRS/ECCS schemes in terms of the time complexity, the space complexity, and the range of their usability for practical applications. In experimental test, we compare the performance of matrix-matrix addition and matrixmatrix multiplication sparse array operations that use the CRS/CCS and ECRS/ECCS schemes. The experimental results show that sparse array operations based on the ECRS/ECCS schemes outperform those based on the CRS/CCS schemes for all test samples. Index TermsЁData compression scheme, Sparse array operation, Multi-dimensional sparse array, Karnaugh Map.
doi:10.1109/tc.2003.1252859 fatcat:7mvd345hjrehdp444nluixd3c4