New Mechanism of Pulsar Radio Emission

M. Gedalin, E. Gruman, D. B. Melrose
2002 Physical Review Letters  
It is shown that pulsar radio emission can be generated effectively through a streaming motion in the polar-cap regions of a pulsar magnetosphere causing nonresonant growth of waves that can escape directly. As in other beam models, a relatively low-energy high-density beam is required. The instability generates quasitransverse waves in a beam mode at frequencies that can be well below the resonant frequency. As the waves propagate outward, growth continues until the height at which the wave
more » ... t which the wave frequency is equal to the resonant frequency. Beyond this point, the waves escape in a natural plasma mode (LO mode). This one-step mechanism is much more efficient than previously widely considered multistep mechanisms.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.88.121101 pmid:11909439 fatcat:24envskbknchlj7rnbo5uudsb4