IJSRST162645 | Density of Space and Time in the Classical Kinematics of Material Point

Zvezdelin Peykov, Angel Apostolov, Nikolai Mihailov
[(2)6: 471-477] © 2016 IJSRST | Volume 2 | Issue 6 | Print ABSTRACT The concepts linear differential and average density of space and time have been defined on the ground of the mathematical concept of density of function and arbitrary motion of a material point in its trajectory. An analysis is made of these concepts at various types of motion of material point. It is shown that the density of the space with respect to time at an arbitrary uniform motion is constant in trajectory and is
more » ... ctory and is greater than, equal to or less than the density of the time. Its value depends on the magnitude of the velocity of the point. When the motion is variable the density of space with respect to the density of time is not constant. Its value is determined by the magnitude of the tangential acceleration at any point of time.