Sympoietic Art Practice in Co-expressive Re-worlding with Hegel's "Vegetal Subject"

Lin Charlston, David Charlston
2021 Journal of Posthumanism  
"Sympoietic art practice", construed as co-creative making-together-with plants, contributes to posthumanist discourse by forming cross-species partnerships which re-configure exploitative relations with plants. The posthumanist commitment of sympoietic practice to live equitably with the more-than-human world is inherently opposed to the tradition of anthropocentrism widely associated with Hegel's idealization of reason and culture. But when Hegelian philosophy comingles with the radically
more » ... erent assumptions of sympoietic art practice in this exploratory paper, a co-expressive "worlding with plants" emerges. A transformative re-reading of Hegel's Philosophy of Nature reveals that the English translators have smoothed away the vibrant concept of a "vegetal subject" explicitly used by Hegel in the original German. The resulting interpretive fissure makes space for a creative scrutiny of human exceptionalism, humanist and posthumanist conceptions of plant subjectivity and human-plant relations. Our transdisciplinary article concludes with a performative knitting together and composting of shreds of Hegelian text with vibrantly participative strands of living couch grass.
doi:10.33182/jp.v1i2.1326 fatcat:6guddvayhjfvplwzhoyymqk2xa