Reviews and Notices of Books

1885 The Lancet  
1190 right, and she has a club-footed cousin)-eldest, well formed; second, both feet clubbed, hands all right; third, fourth, and fifth, well formed ; sixth, club-footed; seventh, well formed; eighth, club-footed, hands all right. Dr. W. R. THOMAS introduced a man, aged twenty-four, married, suffering from Bell's Palsy of central origin. At the age of seventeen his head was injured, and he had suffered from epileptic fits about three times a month for two years and a half, until five weeks ago,
more » ... when he had an attack in the street. After this, for three weeks, he suffered from headache, and a fortnight ago the facial paralysis came on.
doi:10.1016/s0140-6736(02)28907-2 fatcat:exd7vno72jehbmbxrzmsakdzb4