DE and PSO optimized PID Controller for Automatic Generation Control of Multi-Source Power System

P Nagajothi, K Gnanambal, P Scholar
2016 unpublished
There are several methods are available for Load Frequency Control in interconnected power system. This paper proposes an optimized PID controller by DE tuning for AGC of two area power system. The gain parameters of the PID controller are optimized by commissioning DE and PSO technique. In this paper ISE criterion is used as a performance index. The action of this proposed power system with optimal tuned PID controller provides a satisfactory balance between frequency overshoot and transient
more » ... oot and transient oscillations with minimum steady state error. A comparative study on tuned values has been presented to verify effectiveness between DE and PSO method. The simulation results reveal the effectiveness of the designed system in terms of reduced settling time and oscillations with tuning of DE. MATLAB/SIMULINK was used as simulation tool.