Vadlya Maarif - STMIK Nusa Mandiri Jakarta, Hidayat Muhammad Nur - AMIK BSI Purwokerto, Wati Rahayu - AMIK BSI Purwokerto
2018 Evolusi : Jurnal Sains dan Manajemen  
Tajwid science is a very important science for Muslims who will learn to read the Qur'an properly and correctly. Most Muslims have difficulty memorizing various kinds of knowledge of tajwid and applying it when confronted with reading the Qur'an, or most only know a little science of tajwid and rarely apply it when reading the Qur'an. Utilization of mobile devices is now developed by using android operating system technology that allows the use of mobile to create applications based on android
more » ... s based on android operating system that can run on mobile devices that support android platform. The application of tajwid science based on android contains tajwid science materials along with examples of correct tajwid law pronunciation and equipped with sample of the reading. This application of tajwid science allows users to see examples and hear from the applications used to make it easier for Muslims, children, adolescents and parents who have limited time to learn easily and can be used anytime, considering the mobile technology that has been widely used. In addition users can measure their learning ability with practice questions that are already available.
doi:10.31294/evolusi.v6i1.3586 fatcat:x3cic5iqrjfg7a3h7ny7vdm73i