Primary Muscle Hydatidosis of the Thigh: Management of a Complicated Case with Combination Adjunctive Albendazole and Praziquantel Chemotherapy

K. Thursky, J. Torresi
2001 Clinical Infectious Diseases  
A patient had primary muscle hydatidosis of the thigh that was not detected radiologically or by fine-needle aspiration before surgery. The risk of dissemination during the initial exploratory procedure was high. Treatment consisted of formal muscle resection and combination therapy with albendazole and praziquantel. Clinical features of muscle hydatidosis and the role of adjunctive chemotherapy are reviewed. Primary skeletal muscle hydatidosis is a rare manifestation of cystic hydatid disease
more » ... ic hydatid disease [1] . Skeletal muscle cysts are commonly misdiagnosed as either a malignancy or pyogenic infection because radiological appearances are not specific and hydatid serology often yields negative results. Management of muscular hydatidosis is largely surgical. However, there is an increasing role for adjuvant chemotherapy with albendazole. We report a case of muscular hydatid disease complicated by intraoperative spillage of cysts treated postoperatively with a combination of albendazole and praziquantel. Case report. A 63-year-old Greek man was admitted to the general surgical unit complaining of a painful swelling of the left thigh. Before immigrating to Australia at the age of 20, he had worked in agriculture in Greece. After coming to Melbourne, he worked in the laundering industry and had no further contact with domestic livestock. The swelling developed over 3 days and was associated with fever, rigors, and pruritus of the thigh. He had recently returned from a holiday in
doi:10.1086/318521 pmid:11170975 fatcat:7yyzi56p35bixkii4l24metffe