Alternative model of intense rainfall equation obtained from daily rainfall disaggregation

Álvaro José Back
2020 Revista Brasileira de Recursos Hídricos  
The objective of this work was to propose an alternative model of IDF equation based on the disaggregation of daily rainfall. Data from the rainfall gauge station code 02649018 of the Brazilian National Water Agency from the period 1968 to 2011 were used. Several extreme event probability distributions were adjusted. Rainfall intensity with a return period of 2 to 100 years and durations of 5 to 1440 minutes were estimated using the relationships between rainfall for different durations. The
more » ... r coefficients of the traditionally used IDF equation were adjusted, obtaining a sum of squares of deviations equal to 695.1 (mm.h-1)2 and standard error of estimation equal to 2.69 mm.h-1. For the model of the intense rainfall equation proposed, that relates the rain intensity and duration with the maximum daily rainfall, the sum of squares of the deviations was 33.6 (mm.h-1)2 and the standard estimated error was 0.59 mm.h-1. Including the return period in the model, we obtained squares of the deviations of 129.4 (mm.h-1)2, with a standard error of estimation of 1.16 mm.h-1. The models proposed have, besides better estimation accuracy, the advantages of facilitating the updating only by updating the maximum daily precipitation and sub serve the spatial representation.
doi:10.1590/2318-0331.252020190031 fatcat:6umitgcqqba3vdvsbps55chdau