Physical stability and clinical efficacy of Crocodylus niloticus oil lotion

Telanie Venter, Lizelle Triféna Fox, Minja Gerber, Jan L. du Preez, Sterna van Zyl, Banie Boneschans, Jeanetta du Plessis
2016 Revista Brasileira de Farmacognosia  
The stability and the anti-ageing, skin hydrating and anti-erythema effects of a commercialized Crocodylus niloticus Laurenti, 1768, Crocodylidae, oil lotion was determined. The lotion was stored at controlled conditions over six months during which several stability tests were performed. For the clinical efficacy studies lotion was applied on volar forearm skin (female volunteers) and compared to a liquid paraffin-containing reference product. Skin hydrating and anti-ageing effects were
more » ... effects were determined with a Corneometer ® , Cutometer ® and Visioscan ® , following single (3 h) and multiple applications (12 weeks). The Vapometer ® and Mexameter ® were utilized to determine this lotion's anti-erythema effects on sodium lauryl sulfate irritated skin. The lotion demonstrated good stability over 6 months. The reference product increased skin hydration and decreased skin wrinkles to a larger extent than the C. niloticus lotion after a single application, whereas the C. niloticus lotion decreased skin scaliness better than the reference product. During the long-term study, the reference product overall increased skin hydration more than the C. niloticus lotion, whereas C. niloticus lotion increased skin elasticity to a larger extent than the reference product. C. niloticus lotion increased skin wrinkles and decreased skin scaliness over 12 weeks. Compared to non-treated, irritated skin, C. niloticus lotion demonstrated some potential anti-inflammatory characteristics.
doi:10.1016/j.bjp.2016.03.011 fatcat:h376tfmsh5b4rdhi3gnultnpea