Research Progress of Intensified Vacuum Distillation for Crude Oil

Ping Wang
2019 Proceedings of the 2019 International Conference on Electronical, Mechanical and Materials Engineering (ICE2ME 2019)   unpublished
With the increasing tendency of heavy and inferior crude oil and the maturity of high viscosity and high density crude oil recovery technology, the proportion of refined heavy crude oil will be larger and larger. Adding a certain amount of intensifier in crude oil to improve crude processing conditions, enhance the degree of crude distillation, and improve the total extraction rate of crude oil is a very important research topic in the world oil refining industry. It is an important foundation
more » ... or developing deep processing technology and technology of crude oil and making full use of limited oil resources.
doi:10.2991/ice2me-19.2019.35 fatcat:hh7wr3uiofbp7kpm3cul3syhze