An Analytical Study of Pulsation Phenomina of Granular Materials in Silos during Discharge

1993 Journal of the Society of Powder Technology Japan  
The distinct element method (DEM) is a very effective analytical tool for the problem of granular materials. In the previous papers it was indicated that the complex behavior of the granular materials during disharge in silos can be properly simulated using DEM. In order to explain the dynamic variation of the pressures to the side walls during discharge, a problem of 4000 granular elements is analyzed, and the behavior of the particles and the variation of the pressures on the walls are
more » ... he walls are examined in detail. As a result of this study, a pulsation phenomenon, like the experimental one, is observed, and the period of this phenomenon is almost the same as that of the fluctuation in the pressures. It is important to explain the period of this phenomenon, so the approximate elastic velocity and the variation of the void ratio are examined. However, the appropriate relationship between these parameters cannot be found.
doi:10.4164/sptj.30.3_166 fatcat:4ihqaywrkrak7et3yztcwggmgi