Octamer-primed cycle sequencing: design of an optimized primer library

S H Hardin, L B Jones, R Homayouni, J C McCollum
1996 Genome Research  
This paper describes a novel method of primer walking using octamer oligonucleotides to prime DNA sequencing reactions. Octamer sequencing is compatible with isotopic and fluorescent sequencing chemistry, reaction conditions are optimized such that the samples can be processed in parallel, and the procedure has the potential to be automated. This strategy is faster than the traditional primer walking sequencing strategy, as the existence of a primer library allows immediate access to a primer
more » ... r the next sequencing reaction, eliminating delays associated with designing and synthesizing gene-specific primers. The octamer library is comprised of optimized sequencing primers, such that octamer sequencing yields results equivalent to or better than traditional primer walking. This technology is more economical because gene-specific sequencing primers, the major cost in the reaction, are replaced by an optimized subset of frequently occurring octamers that are able to prime multiple reactions.
doi:10.1101/gr.6.6.545 pmid:8828043 fatcat:z4tsfpvrmza6hma545krrikjjy