Automated Protein Quantification with the Biomek-FX Liquid Handler System v2 [post]

Yan Chen, Nurgul Kaplan Lease, Tad Ogorzalek, Jennifer Gin, Christopher J Petzold
This protocol details steps to perform the protein quantification (Lowry-based) assay by using a Biomek FX liquid handler system. It is optimized to assay a full 96-well plate of protein samples in duplicate with a separate (control) plate for BSA standards. You will need a plate reader to measure the samples and standards. This protocol works best as part of a full proteomic sample preparation workflow with: Automated Chloroform-Methanol Protein Extraction on the Biomek-FX Liquid Handler
more » ... and Automated Protein Normalization and Tryptic Digestion on a Biomek-FX Liquid Handler System
doi:10.17504/ fatcat:qc5lgnrszffclduuuxndppmaie