A Study on the Design and Analysis of a Voice Coil Linear Force Motor for Hydraulic Valve
밸브구동용 보이스 코일 선형 포스모터 설계와 해석 연구

C.S. Park, J.Y. Huh
2012 Journal of Drive and Control  
The voice coil linear force motor is a kind of a direct drive motion device that uses a permanent magnetic field and coil winding to produce force. In order to design a voice coil linear force motor, an exact calculations of the required force, the flux density in air gap and the flux pathway are needed. A conventional method can be used usually to calculate the flux density in air gap, but with this method it is needed to find a magnetic circuit revision constant. In this paper a voice coil
more » ... ear force motor is designed by conventional design method and analyzed by 3D simulation program "Flux". For the prototype linear force motor, the results of the calculated by conventional design method and the analyzed by 3D simulation program are compared with the test result. Finally it is showed that the magnetic circuit revision constant which is found by comparing of the analyzed and the measured data can be used for the design of the voice coil type linear force motor to minimize the trial and error.
doi:10.7839/ksfc.2012.9.4.001 fatcat:p5pbml6ilzdadjjln2kxao4nsq