The pass efficiency of midfield players is correlated with goals scored in modern football

2020 Discobolul: Physical Education, Sports and Kinetotherapy Journal  
In modern football, having the ball is not tantamount to success. Following this study, we aim to analyse the efficiency of passes transmitted by the players specialised in the position of midfielder, referring specifically to some characteristic indicators of passes: direction, accuracy, distribution. It should be noted that this study was conducted on a football team in the Professional Championship of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The research consisted in analysing the performance of
more » ... ers in official games and establishing a relationship between the aforementioned characteristic indicators of passes and the concrete way in which the team created opportunities to score or scored goals. Thus, after determining the limits and capabilities of the team and players, we scheduled, in each training microcycle, the means to increase the efficiency of passes transmitted by the players specialised in the midfielder position. In particular, we used some means to get the midfielders to transmit the ball forward, from as few touches as possible, in the free space or directly to the striker. All means were designed for a dual purpose: technical and tactical. In conclusion, we can say that the direction, accuracy, and distribution of passes transmitted by the midfielders have a decisive role in creating opportunities and scoring goals.
doi:10.35189/dpeskj.2020.59.3.2 fatcat:qvnahh2lcbh7her73ynazguyfu