"Do As I Say" (The Effects Of The Process On Turbomachinery Reliability)

William E. Forsthoffer
William E. (Bill) Forsthoffer spent six years at the Delaval Turbine Company, as Manager of Compressor Project Engineering, where he designed and tested centrifugal pumps and compressors, gears, steam turbines, and rotary (screw) pumps. Mr. Forsthoffer then joined the Mobil Research and Development Corporation. For five years, he directed the application, selection, design, testing, site precommissioning, and startup of the Yanbu Petrochemical complex in Yanbu, Saudi Arabia. Following that, he
more » ... eturned to MRDC and established a technical service program for Mobil affiliates to provide application, troubleshooting, and training services for rotating equipment. He left Mobil in 1990 to found his own company, Forsthoffer Associates, Inc., to provide training, critical equipment selection, and troubleshooting services to the refining, petrochemical, utility, and gas transmission industries. Mr. Forsthoffer is a graduate of Bellarmine College with a B.A. degree (Mathematics) and from the University of Detroit with a B.S. degree (Mechanical Engineering).
doi:10.21423/r1xh2k fatcat:mfyvernjqfedjftjgqgvxnyj6u