Water, Nitrogen and Energy Use Efficiency in Major Crops Production Systems in Iran

Mohammad Yousefi
2015 Advances in Plants & Agriculture Research  
Abbreviations: NUE, nitrogen use efficiency; WUE, water use efficiency; EUE, energy use efficiency Adv Plants Agric Res. 2015;2(3):126-129. 126 Abstract The aims of this study were to determine water, nitrogen and energy use efficiency in major crop production of Kermanshah province, western of Iran such as wheat, corn, alfalfa and sugar beet. Data was collected applying questionnaires via face to face interviews with 200 farmers (50 farmers for each crop) in 2014. Results showed total nitrogen
more » ... fertilizer input in wheat, corn, alfalfa and sugar beet were 358.7, 580.57, 200 and 653.91kg/ha, respectively. In the other hand, total irrigated water in wheat, corn, alfalfa and sugar beet was 5850, 8669.2, 6563.7 and 11880 m3/ha, respectively. Accordingly, nitrogen use efficiency (NUE) was 15.81, 19.51, 67.55 and 99.71kg/kg for corn, wheat, alfalfa and sugar beet respectively. In this research water use efficiency (WUE) in wheat, corn, alfalfa and sugar beet was 1.20, 1.06, 2.06 and 5.49m3/ha respectively. In this study total output and input energy were 60832.52 and 184150Mj/ ha in wheat agroecosystems, 50485.42 and 134946Mj/ha in corn agroecosystems, 49689.59 and 240072.7Mj/ha in alfalfa agroecosystems and 49517.2 and1095360Mj/ ha in sugar beet agroecosystems. Energy use efficiency (EUE) was 2.67, 3.03, 4.83 and 22.12 in corn, wheat, alfalfa and sugar beet production, respectively. Hence, the highest amount of WUE, NUE and EUE were observed in sugar beet and then alfalfa and wheat respectively and lowest amounts were observed in corn agroecosystems.
doi:10.15406/apar.2015.02.00050 fatcat:kour23umyrfdjeo7mjd6wm2bzm