Effect of neem seed extracts on the development of the Soybean Cysts Nematode

Júlio C.T. Silva, Rosângela D.L. Oliveira, Gulab N. Jham, Naylor D.C. Aguiar
2008 Tropical Plant Pathology  
The effect produced by neem seed extracts and a neem seed concentrate (NSC) on the mortality and development of Heterodera glycines was evaluated. Second-stage juvenile (J2) mortality produced by the extracts and NSC was determined. Soybean seedlings treated with each of the extracts (aqueous, methanolic and hexane) were inoculated with J2 and the number of females and eggs per root system determined after 30 days. Both the hexane extracts were ineffective as no statistical difference (P>0.05)
more » ... n J2 mortality was observed between them and the control. No statistical difference (P>0.05) in J2 mortality (>98%) was obtained between the water extracts and methanol extract at 1000 mg L -1 treatments. The J2 percentage of mortality exponentially increased with the NSC dosages (R 2 =0.94). LD 50 was 42.6 mg L -1 for NSC on H. glycines. In the greenhouse experiment, the highest reduction in the number of females was 84%, obtained with the aqueous (41.6 mg L -1 ) and methanolic extracts (1000 mg L -1 ). In the same way, the highest reduction in the number of eggs, of about 90%, was obtained with the same extracts. Thus, using aqueous extracts is more suitable than the remaining extracts in field conditions. The activities of the methanol and NSC extracts were attributed to the seven tetranortritepenoids (azadirachtin H, azadirachtin A, azadirachtin B, desacetylnimbin, desacetylsalannin, nimbin and salannin) identified by reverse phase high performance liquid chromatography.
doi:10.1590/s1982-56762008000300001 fatcat:lzmjr6jzw5au3fnxzhn3b7sabq