Infection of Three Insect Cell Cultures by Spiroplasma Citri and Other Spiroplasmas

Th. Steiner, M. Garnier, J. M. Bové
1984 International Organization of Citrus Virologists Conference Proceedings (1957-2010)  
Spiroplasma citri R8A2, S. floricola BNR-1, S. apis PPS-1 and the spiroplasma strains B88, CSS, 277F were inoculated into AS-2 (Aceratagallia sanguinolenta) , AC-20 (Agallia constricta) and Dm-1 (Drosophila melanogaster) cell cultures and the resulting interactions were studied. Cytopathogenic effects leading to culture death were observed with all strains except CSS. Strains B88, 277F, BNR-1 and PPS-1 grew as well in AS-2 and AC-20 cultures as in fresh LB medium. Strain R8A2 multiplied faster
more » ... multiplied faster and reached higher titers in AS-2 and AC-20 cultures than in fresh LB medium (on day 3 the titers in AS-2 and fresh LB medium were 5.0 x 108 and 8.
doi:10.5070/c578q156xj fatcat:xdxmwnxlhraklj2esyfjsp7kny