Effect of UV-C and Electron Beam Irradiation of on the Quality of Rice Wine (Makgeolli)
UV-C 및 전자선 조사가 막걸리의 품질에 미치는 영향

Hyun-Joo Kim, Kyung Haeng Lee, Hae In Yong, Cheorun Jo
2013 Korean Journal of Food Preservation  
This study was conducted to evaluate the changes in the quality of rice wine (Makgeolli) treated with UV-C and electron beam (EB) irradiation during its storage at 4℃ for 15 days. The EB irradiation was found to be more effective than the UV-C irradiation for microbiological control. The pH tended to be increased by UV-C, EB irradiation, and storage period. Acidity was significantly higher in rice wine treated with EB irradiation than those of control and UV-C irradiation during storage period.
more » ... ing storage period. The L*-value of the samples treated with UV-C and EB irradiation tended to be proportionately higher than that of the control, but this was not consistent during storage period. The a*-value of the sample treated with EB was higher than that of the others, but this was not consistent during the storage period. The reducing sugar content was higher in the control at day 0, but it rapidly decreased compared with the control during the storage. The results indicate that EB irradiation was more effective than UV-C irradiation in controlling microorganisms of rice wine. However, a further study is needed to minimize the rice wine quality deterioration caused by UV-C or EB irradiation during storage.
doi:10.11002/kjfp.2013.20.1.45 fatcat:2w3yy6iw5jhzbgibwzclgtsxra