Metallic ferromagnetism in the systems with strongly correlated electrons

Didukh, Kramar
2005 Condensed Matter Physics  
The present paper considers the ground state ferromagnetic ordering in narrow-band models with strongly correlated electrons, in particular, in a single-band generalized Hubbard model with correlated hopping and interatomic exchange interaction, as well as in a double orbitally degenerate Hubbard model with correlated hopping. The effective Hamiltonians of these models are treated by means of variants of generalized Hartree-Fock approximations, in which the quasi-particle energy spectra are
more » ... ined. The ground state energy, critical electron concentration and magnetization are calculated for some types of density of states. The mechanisms of ferromagnetic ordering stability in the narrow-band materials are discussed.
doi:10.5488/cmp.8.3.547 fatcat:nra27aup6nbjncvlhfr3gjs2we