FAKTOR RISIKO HIPERTENSI PADA WANITA HAMIL DI INDONESIA (ANALISIS DATA RISKESDAS 2013) Hypertension Risk Factors Pregnant Women in Indonesia (Riskesdas Data Analysis 2013)

Faktorrisikohipertensipada, S Budi, F Noviati, Salimar, Bungac, Rosha
Hypertension (including preeclampsia) in pregnant women occurs in about 10% of pregnancies worldwide and become one of the major causes of morbidity and mortality in mothers and newborn. It is estimated that about 13 percent of maternal mortality caused by hypertension in pregnancy. Objective: To study factors associated with hypertension in pregnant women in Indonesia. Methods: This study is an analytical observational study with cross sectional design, using the data of 2013 Riskesdas.
more » ... : Hypertension in pregnant women in Indonesia in 2013 was 6.3%. Determinants of hypertension in pregnant women are the history of hypertension (OR: 5.