Priyanka Gupta, Anupama Gupta
The impact of pandemic COVID-19 is observed in almost every sector in the economy. The education sectors in all over the world are badly affected by this. It has enforced the world wide lock down which has created a very bad impact on the life of students. More than 30 crore learners have to study from home as all educational activities have been halted in India. The outbreak of COVID-19 has taught us that change is inescapable. It has worked as a catalyst for the educational institutions,
more » ... ls and colleges to change the methodology and opt for platforms and techniques of digitalization which have never been used before. The education sector as well as students has been fighting to survive in this crisis with a different approach and trying to adopt digital methods to cope up with the challenges created due to this pandemic. This paper highlights some of the measures taken by Govt. of India to provide smooth and hassle free education in the country. Both the positive and negative impacts of COVID-19 have been discussed in this paper and some suggestions are also provided. The outcomes show that COVID-19 adversely affects schooling including, learning disturbances, and diminished admittance to training and examination offices, and expanded understudy obligations. The discoveries likewise show that numerous teachers and understudies depended on innovation to guarantee kept on the web education during the Coronavirus pandemic
doi:10.36106/ijar/7314325 fatcat:dxz5e4m7zbckvn6zant5hvwcnq