A three-dimensional particle-in-cell/Monte Carlo computer simulation based on negative hydrogen ion source

Yang Chao, Liu Da-Gang, Wang Xiao-Ming, Liu La-Qun, Wang Xue-Qiong, Liu Sheng-Gang
2012 Wuli xuebao  
Based on the analysis of the plasma physics mechanism in negative hydrogen ion source, the particle-in-cell algorithm is studied and optimized and a high efficient storage method of particles is designed. Using the Monte Carlo collision model, considering the plasma potential and coulomb collisions between charged particles, the full three-dimensional particle-in-cell/ Monte Carlo algorithm (PIC/MCC) is developed. With the magnetic charge model, using the FDTD method, the line cusp magnetic
more » ... d is calculated. With the negative hydrogen ion source JT-60U and considering the main reactions in the negative hydrogen ion source, the full three-dimensional PIC/MCC simulation algorithm is verified by simulation.
doi:10.7498/aps.61.045204 fatcat:zkw2jvezhjhhjagpmjv5vis5ka