Exploration and exploitation across three resource classes

Jaakko Aspara, Henrikki Tikkanen, Erik Pöntiskoski, Paavo Järvensivu
2011 European Journal of Marketing  
Exploration and exploitation across three resource classes: market/customer intelligence, brands/bonds, and technologies/processes Abstract Purpose. Long-run corporate success requires engagement in two types of innovative activities: exploitation and exploration. However, earlier research has focused on exploration and exploitation concerning a firm's technologies. The purpose of the present article is to explicitly examine exploration and exploitation related to customers and markets.
more » ... ethodology/approach. The article is conceptual in nature, based on marketing, strategic management, and organization literatures. Findings. The article explains the logic of exploration-exploitation with respect to two market-related resource classes -(1) the firm's knowledge of markets and customers (market/customer intelligence) and (2) market actors' knowledge of and bonds to the firm (brands/bonds) -as viewed in combination with the resource class of (3) technologies, processes, and products (technologies/processes). The distinction of these three resource classes enables a three-dimensional conceptualization of the ideal types of a firm's business development projects, which are seen as combinations of exploration and exploitation of resources across the three classes. The article also introduces the notions of multidimensionality of exploration-exploitation within the resource classes and relativity of resource newness. Originality/value. The article explicates how firms can orient their exploration and exploitation strategies not only on the technology dimension but also on the dimensions of market/customer intelligence and brands/bonds.
doi:10.1108/03090561111111352 fatcat:jozkj6aizfckbcrq4tjqoeqbl4