Constraining CP violating operators in charged and neutral triple gauge couplings

Anke Biekötter, Parisa Gregg, Frank Krauss, Marek Schönherr
2021 Physics Letters B  
We constrain CP -violating charged and neutral anomalous triple gauge couplings using LHC measurements and projections of diboson and VBF V jj production, both with subsequent leptonic decays. For triple gauge couplings involving W bosons we analyse differential asymmetries and interpret our results in the SMEFT at dimension-six. For neutral triple gauge couplings, which are dominantly constrained by high transverse-momentum bins, we present the resulting bounds in terms of a general anomalous
more » ... general anomalous couplings framework.
doi:10.1016/j.physletb.2021.136311 fatcat:k543yyrnr5grpbrak3j4dfhw2e