Forum for Electromagnetic Research Methods and Application Technologies (FERMAT)

Kadappan Panayappan, Raj Mittra
In this write up we present a review of νFDTD, an efficient and accurate method to solve low frequency, non-conformal and multi-scale problems using FDTD. The conventional time domain technique FDTD demands extensive computational resources when solving low frequency problems, or when dealing with dispersive media, or when structures with high Q factor are involved. The νFDTD (New FDTD) technique is a new general-purpose field solver, which is designed to tackle the above issues using some
more » ... ues using some novel approaches, which deviate significantly from the legacy methods that only rely on minor modifications of the FDTD update algorithm. The νFDTD solver is a hybridized version of the confor-mal FDTD (CFDTD), and a novel frequency domain technique called the Dipole Moment Approach (DM Approach). This blend of time domain and frequency domain techniques empowers the solver with the potential to solve problems that involve: (i) calculating low-frequency response accurately and numerically efficiently; (ii) handling non-Cartesian geometries such as curved surfaces accurately without staircasing; (iii) handling thin structures , with or without finite losses; and (iv) dealing with multi-scale geometries.