Blockchain state channels: A state of the art

Lydia D. Negka, Georgios P. Spathoulas
2021 IEEE Access  
Blockchain technology has been quite popular during recent years and it finally seems to present a significant rise with respect to its use for real-world applications. This advancement has brought up a critical challenge that public blockchain systems face, which is scalability. Most of the currently deployed systems fail to cope with increasing usage. In order to provide the promised security guarantees, large delays and high usage fees are imposed for submitted transactions and thus
more » ... d adoption of the technology is hindered. A number of different approaches have been proposed to increase the capacity of blockchain systems with respect to processing transactions. The present survey focuses on one of the most popular ones, that of state channels, and to the extent of our knowledge constitutes the first collective survey of research in this field. An extensive analysis of relevant publications is conducted and a general view on the domain is provided. We have identified the limitations discussed through all relevant research efforts along with the various features that differentiate proposed designs. A comparison between retrieved papers is carried out on the basis of those limitations and features. Finally, future research directions are analysed while the role of state channels in the general public blockchain ecosystem is also discussed.
doi:10.1109/access.2021.3131419 fatcat:76qv22osxjb2dhaf7qfti2hdjy