Little solution to the little hierarchy problem: A vectorlike generation

Peter W. Graham, Ahmed Ismail, Surjeet Rajendran, Prashant Saraswat
2010 Physical Review D  
We present a simple solution to the little hierarchy problem in the MSSM: a vector-like fourth generation. With O(1) Yukawa couplings for the new quarks, the Higgs mass can naturally be above 114 GeV. Unlike a chiral fourth generation, a vector-like generation can solve the little hierarchy problem while remaining consistent with precision electroweak and direct production constraints, and maintaining the success of the grand unified framework. The new quarks are predicted to lie between ~ 300
more » ... 600 GeV and will thus be discovered or ruled out at the LHC. This scenario suggests exploration of several novel collider signatures.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.81.055016 fatcat:jko7ln5j3fgn5or4akgmb4gxhq