Recent Progress in Electronic Noses for Fermented Foods and Beverages Applications

Thara Seesaard, Chatchawal Wongchoosuk
2022 Fermentation  
Fermented foods and beverages have become a part of daily diets in several societies around the world. Emitted volatile organic compounds play an important role in the determination of the chemical composition and other information of fermented foods and beverages. Electronic nose (E-nose) technologies enable non-destructive measurement and fast analysis, have low operating costs and simplicity, and have been employed for this purpose over the past decades. In this work, a comprehensive review
more » ... f the recent progress in E-noses is presented according to the end products of the main fermentation types, including alcohol fermentation, lactic acid fermentation, acetic acid fermentation and alkaline fermentation. The benefits, research directions, limitations and challenges of current E-nose systems are investigated and highlighted for fermented foods and beverage applications.
doi:10.3390/fermentation8070302 fatcat:bcebp6zgkbfprmobrp6pvsovou