Successful Treatment of a Left Main Thrombus by Intracoronary Eptifibatide Infusion in a 36-Year-Old Patient

S Alipour-Parsa, E Farahani
2016 J Teh Univ Heart Ctr   unpublished
The acute coronary syndrome due to the left main coronary artery (LMCA) thrombosis is a clinically rare and catastrophic event. We describe a young man (smoker, alcoholic, and drug abuser) with a history of recent surgery and typical chest pain who had non-occlusive LMCA thrombosis in coronary angiography. The thrombosis was successfully treated with two 180 µ/kg intracoronary boluses of eptifibatide, which was continued through an intravenous infusion at 2 µ/kg/min for 48 hours
more » ... . Control angiography, performed 3 days later, revealed that the LMCA was free of thrombosis. The patient had no complaints, including chest pain, and remained completely asymptomatic during the next 30 days' follow-up. Abstract