The fine arts during the Baroque period in the Principality of Catalonia and the countships of Roussillon and the Cerdagne Part one: The historiography and arts system

Joan Bosch, Joan Bosch
2014 unpublished
Once the prejudices that hindered our understanding of Baroque art's true nature had been overcome, the history of Catalan art has been rehabilitating the memory of the Baroque period and discovering a more faithful image of it. Nonetheless, it has also had to accept that much of the art from this period has been seriously compromised by the destruction wrought by the Eclesiastical Confiscations of the 19th century and the Civil War of the 20th century. It is the memory of a fundamental,
more » ... e era in the shaping of Cata-lonia's historical and artistic heritage, one that is brimming with authors and episodes capable of fostering stories as interesting, intense and suggestive as those from any other period in Catalan art history.