Female, Male Intimate Politics - Presenting Aa. Vanilla Poems

Shankaranarayanan N
2022 International Research Journal of Tamil  
Works for women are not perfected by being written by a man. Starting from Bharathi in Tamil Nadu, various literary writers have been recording their voices against female slavery in literature. Feminists consider those words to be male voices for themselves. Starting from the Sangam period, the state of female writing can be seen as the gap between the mountain and the basin. To be more specific, history tells us that women's writings from the Sangam period started to decline drastically in
more » ... Middle Ages. The women's community, which has been struggling for many years to express its presence, has become compelled to prove a place for itself in today's environment. Yet if women do not express our ideology, freedom for womanhood will disappear like her dreams, so many women writers today have started recording their views through literature. In this way, A. Vennila conveys the instincts of women in his works in a beautiful feminine language. This article describes the way in which A. Vennila's works present the fact that a woman is seen as an object of consumption not only in the kitchen but also during intimate meetings with men and women.
doi:10.34256/irjt224s1414 fatcat:rxnh2nfmk5hsvlze4f6urec5xu