"Distribution of ABO Blood Groups and Rhesus Factor Percentage Frequencies amongst the Populations of Sikkim, India"

Bisu Singh
2017 Proceedings of Indian National Science Academy  
The incidence of ABO and Rh blood group has been found to vary in various populations. The present investigation was undertaken with the aim to study ABO blood group frequency amongst a subset of population of Sikkim. A total of 5098 individuals were included in the study out of which 215 were students of Department of Zoology, Sikkim University and Government College, Tadong, East Sikkim, 3000 individuals were from Rinchenpong and 1883 individuals were from Bermiok, Berfok, Berthang, Martam,
more » ... ingthang, Deythang, Hatidhunga, Samdong, Sangadorjee and Yangsum of West Sikkim. The data for ABO blood group were collected from the register of Primary Health Centre, Rinchenpong and others by documenting blood group of the individuals who have undergone routine blood group testing in diagnostic laboratories. SPSS software Version 8 was used to perform statistical analysis. The results were calculated as frequencies of each of the blood group, expressed as percentages. The frequency of blood group A (35.34%) was found to be the highest, followed by blood group O (35.18%), B (21.99%) and AB (7.49%). The results also indicated that 99.47% of individuals were Rh positive and 0.53 % were Rh negative. One of the interesting findings in the present study is the absence of Rh negative individuals among Bhutia population. The study may give preliminary idea about blood group frequency distribution among the population of Sikkim.
doi:10.16943/ptinsa/2017/41289 fatcat:kp233whhhrhodan5tmqzzx7rwq