Trolox, a Water-Soluble Analogue of α-Tocopherol, Photoprotects the Surface-Exposed Regions of the Photosystem II Reaction Center in Vitro. Is This Physiologically Relevant?

Juan B. Arellano, Heng Li, Sergio González-Pérez, Jorge Gutiérrez, Thor Bernt Melø, Frantisek Vacha, K. Razi Naqvi
2011 Biochemistry  
Trolox, a water soluble analogue of α α α α-tocopherol, photoprotects the surfaceexposed regions of the photosystem II reaction centre in vitro. Is this physiologically relevant? † † This work was funded by the Research Council of Norway (Project No. 191102) and the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation (Grant number BFU2007-68107-C02-02/BMC). JBA is very grateful to the CSIC mobility programme for funding his short term visit to NTNU (Ref. number PA1002668).
doi:10.1021/bi201195u pmid:21866915 fatcat:duelgrvyb5c7rgiwb2qeiq3cay