Compressed Sensing via Universal Denoising and Approximate Message Passing [article]

Yanting Ma, Junan Zhu, Dror Baron
2014 arXiv   pre-print
We study compressed sensing (CS) signal reconstruction problems where an input signal is measured via matrix multiplication under additive white Gaussian noise. Our signals are assumed to be stationary and ergodic, but the input statistics are unknown; the goal is to provide reconstruction algorithms that are universal to the input statistics. We present a novel algorithm that combines: (i) the approximate message passing (AMP) CS reconstruction framework, which converts the matrix channel
more » ... ery problem into scalar channel denoising; (ii) a universal denoising scheme based on context quantization, which partitions the stationary ergodic signal denoising into independent and identically distributed (i.i.d.) subsequence denoising; and (iii) a density estimation approach that approximates the probability distribution of an i.i.d. sequence by fitting a Gaussian mixture (GM) model. In addition to the algorithmic framework, we provide three contributions: (i) numerical results showing that state evolution holds for non-separable Bayesian sliding-window denoisers; (ii) a universal denoiser that does not require the input signal to be bounded; and (iii) we modify the GM learning algorithm, and extend it to an i.i.d. denoiser. Our universal CS recovery algorithm compares favorably with existing reconstruction algorithms in terms of both reconstruction quality and runtime, despite not knowing the input statistics of the stationary ergodic signal.
arXiv:1407.1944v2 fatcat:3skzhkcpsrcyhlp3uriink4uue