Peer-to-peer Monte Carlo simulation of photon migration in topical applications of biomedical optics

Alexander Doronin, Igor Meglinski
2012 Journal of Biomedical Optics  
In the framework of further development of the unified approach of photon migration in complex turbid media, such as biological tissues we present a peer-topeer (P2P) Monte Carlo (MC) code. The object-oriented programming is used for generalization of MC model for multipurpose use in various applications of biomedical optics. The online user interface providing multiuser access is developed using modern web technologies, such as Microsoft Silverlight, ASP.NET. The emerging P2P network utilizing
more » ... computers with different types of compute unified device architecture-capable graphics processing units (GPUs) is applied for acceleration and to overcome the limitations, imposed by multiuser access in the online MC computational tool. The developed P2P MC was validated by comparing the results of simulation of diffuse reflectance and fluence rate distribution for semi-infinite scattering medium with known analytical results, results of addingdoubling method, and with other GPU-based MC techniques developed in the past. The best speedup of processing multiuser requests in a range of 4 to 35 s was achieved using single-precision computing, and the double-precision computing for floating-point arithmetic operations provides higher accuracy.
doi:10.1117/1.jbo.17.9.090504 pmid:23085901 fatcat:k3qftxxhzzg4bm3jkjkv3s6xeu