Some effects of COFormula Concentration and Decreased OFormula Concentration on Induction Fluorescence in Leaves

M. N. Sivak, D. A. Walker
1983 Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Biological Sciences  
A procedure is described th at permits spinach leaves to display secondary fluorescence kinetics when illuminated in air at 20 °C. The initial peak in chlorophyll a fluorescence is then followed by a fall to a quasi-steady state (S), a rise to a new peak (M) and a final fall to a terminal steady-state value (T). These kinetics can be modified by changing the periods of light and darkness before measurement. The M peak is abolished by exposure to C02-free air and greatly modified by exposure to
more » ... % C 02. In 2% 0 2 the period of darkness immediately before illumination needs to be lengthened if secondary kinetics are to be observed. The results are discussed in relation to the probable impact of photosynthetic carbon assimilation on fluorescence-quenching mechanisms. [ 377 ]
doi:10.1098/rspb.1983.0016 fatcat:7oz5w5q3pvbalcsv4ypf2vo4ti