Preliminary Studies on Non-Contact Measurement Technique in Agriculture Industry

Syazili Roslan, Mohd Razali, Ain Kamarul ', Aliah Mustafa, Abd Fatin, Rasidadi
The PSA-T series (PSA1301T) is fully portable spectrum analyzer incorporating with a handheld computer which is a Palm T|X that is lightweight and small to be operated as a handheld instrument. Microwave spectrum analyzer is a kind of technique that allows a user such as farmer or agriculture producer to improve and manage their production especially to achieve high yield production. It functions as a rapid detection technique for measuring microwave reading which frequency of the potato
more » ... m tuberosum) and followed by moisture content for potato. The potato is an underground tuber which is a same as Dioscorea hispida variety that also known as 'ubi gadong'. It is not easy to estimate the ripening stage of potato just by looking at their colour. The frequency of the potato that obtained by using the microwave spectrum analyzer were correlated with the moisture content of potato that was calculated by using the formula. The unripe, ripe and overripe potatoes were assumed by their physical appearance and colour. The microwave spectrum analyzer can be used to see the correlation between frequency and the moisture content. For unripe potato, the moisture content is 77.17% and the microwave reading was 551.4065 Hz. For ripe potato, the moisture content was 77.75% and the microwave reading was 794.15526 Hz. Besides that, the overripe potato had 83.87% of moisture content and 895.3125 Hz microwave reading. As the moisture content increase, the microwave reading (frequency) also increase. It will easier to agriculture producer to estimating ripening stage of potato and manages their produce well.