Red blood cell adhesion. III. Analysis of forces

V A Parsegian, D Gingell
1980 Journal of Cell Science  
The results of experiments on the adhesion of glutaraldehyde-fixed red blood cells to both polarizable metal/saline and liquid hexadecane/saline interfaces have been analysed in terms of physical forces. The results show that the electrostatic repulsions sufficient to prevent adhesion to these test surfaces are remarkably similar, and that a force-balance condition is predicted at cell-substratum separations similar to or approximately 100 nm in 0.4 mM NaCl as found by interferometry. From the
more » ... erometry. From the repulsive force the size of the attractive force can be found. If this is viewed as an electrodynamic attraction, the force coefficient is found to lie between 5 and 8 x 10(-14) erg (5 and 8 x 10(-21)J), a range in reasonable correspondence with measurements in physical systems.
pmid:7364879 fatcat:s75ht44suvd4vhu6lwkcuras6q